Our Basis Medical Check-up includes a one-day hospital stay in our cooperation clinic.

A body examination is made early in the morning. Afterwards a blood sample is taken, as screening exploration of relevant disease results. In this context are also determined tumor markers and hormone parameters.

The apparatuses such as liver, spleen, pancreas, prostate (man), uterus (woman) and the thyroid gland as well as the vascular system are examined with Farbultraschall.

A heart-lungs diagnosis is done subsequently. In this context take place, among other examinations, an echocardiography and a spiroergometry.

The medical checkup comprises further a melanoma-screening and skin type identification.

In the next phase takes place the eyes and ears examination.

An important objective for us is also not to burden you unnecessary with the examination program. Therefore we offer you a concept that clarifies the most important risk factors for you. In case further examinations are required, they will be planned and arranged in advance.