The ADIPO-REKO program covers a high-specialized treatment for adipose and morbid adipose patients. We accompany you all the way, as far as you reach your desired body image: from the special diet-strategy, across bariatric intervention (gastric-banding and gastric bypass) until plastic reconstruction.

Overweight and adiposity became more frequent in the last years.

Morbid adiposity stands for an overweight of 45 kg over the ideal weight or a double normal weight. In order to calculate the overweight, is used the Body-Mass-Index (BMI), that relates the weight to the body length. At a BMI of more than 30 is assumed a morbid adiposity, which also involves a loss of expectation of life.

Overweight and adiposity are beside smoking the most frequent and preventable risk factor for chronic diseases. For instance, the number of patients with diabetes mellitus will double in a time lag of 5-10 years. 50% of these diabetics will suffer diabetic sequels, such as ablepsia (blindness), renal failure and will require dialysis.

Compared to people of normal weight, the loss of life years of the people suffering from overweight and adiposity is that of 3, respectively 7 years, the loss of disability adjusted life years (DALYS) is for “unhealthy” nutrition along with adiposity and anergy 9,6 % ( the comparative value for smoking is 9%).

Diseases caused by adiposity are responsible annually for more than a million deaths.

Stigmatization and psychosocial disadvantage are additional encumbrances for people suffering from overweight and adiposity, whose quality of life is affected. Overweight and adiposity cause high but avoidable costs in the public health sector, they represent at the moment 7 % of the total costs, these costs will increase more.

The structures and the capacities of the current health care sector will probably not be sufficient to overcome the anticipated consequences of the adiposity-epidemic.

In our ADIPO-REKO program we develop for you the most adequate strategy, in order to achieve an effective overweight-reduction. Thereby at our disposal are all the important medical fields: from endocrinologists to cardiologists, diet-mentors, psychotherapists, bariatric and plastic surgeons.