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Our Mission

We are here in order to offer a professional, innovative service package of a high quality and even more than our clients expect. We are committed to achieve and to exceed our clients’ expectations, to work together for the achievement of our priority objective and to inspire and motivate our team, in order to achieve our organizing goals.

HAYATT Medicare

Why you should choose us:

The quality of the medical care at European standards:
We, within HAYATT Medicare, aspire not only to your utter satisfaction with the quality of your medical care abroad, but we also do our best to assure that your doctor, the treatment and our services are suitable, in order to offer you a total comfort and wellness.

Professionalism and seriousness:
Our service package is distinguished by a high quality of professionalism. Our employees use their entire specialized knowledge, in order to satisfy our clients.

Close relationship with each patient:
Beginning with your first planning phase we will stand by you in every matter, including the financing and the travel arrangements, the coordination between your local doctors and the doctors abroad. You will also be attended in your native language during the entire sojourn.

We offer services, such as

Organization of the journey: We assume the entire organization of your journey: transfer between airport, pick-up service by limousines, the booking of your accommodation in noble hotels (considering your choice); we provide specialized assistants. We also offer continuous support in Germany: During the entire sojourn you will be escorted by our assistants wherever you need and attended in your native language, and in additon to that you will get free medical consultation